Our Story

Sylvain playing guitar

Born into a musical family, luthier Sylvain Picard has loved the guitar ever since childhood, and has played acoustic, classical and solid body guitars in a variety of styles since early high school.

He built his first instrument, a P-style bass, at age fifteen. Unfortunately, he would not build another for many years, working first as a theatre designer, then as a picture framer and professional woodworker for over 25 years. Eventually, he collaborated with his father, a master violin maker with forty years’ experience, to build a semi-hollow electric guitar. This project inspired him to begin building custom electric guitars.

Sylvain staining guitar
Sylvain colouring guitar

Made in Kingston, Canada, each Picard guitar is a unique, handcrafted and hand-finished instrument built to help express your own musical creativity. Whether in your bedroom studio or on an arena stage, Picard Guitars are as special and one-of-a-kind as the musicians who play them.